A travel pour-over coffee maker designedbyAX.

I am a big coffee drinker—like any proper designer. This was a solo passion project I took on to imagine and invent my own coffee maker.


I drew inspiration from a staple in the design world. A coffee maker born in 1933. The Moka Express Coffee Maker designed by Alfonso Bialetti. Drawing on both the octagonal shape and the name, I designed the Bia-Latte. A pour-over coffee maker that can be disassembled to lay flat in a bag.

The production

After sketching the initial ideas in my notebook with a pencil, I created a vector file with the design shown here.

I used a laser cutter and a sheet of wood to cut out the pieces. After a few rounds of adjustments, the Bia-latte was ready.

The Final Product

To be honest, the Bia-Latte sits on a shelf in my studio these days, but I did use it as an alternative to a Chemex for a while.

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