During the summer of 2019, I joined Apple’s Siri advanced development group in Cupertino, CA. I was the directly responsible individual for a project designing multimodal interactions for ███████. Due to the novel nature of ███████, I insisted on including actual users in the design process. I believed that empathy—while a great starting point for design—would not be enough to understand how users would interact with this technology due to its futuristic nature. I wanted to take a user-centered design approach. Initially, I was faced with resistance from ███ and the head of research for my organization. During a meeting, I was able to convince them to grant me a pilot with 5 participants. After the pilot, I presented the results to █████, the research group’s director. This in turn green lit a full-scale study that changed the trajectory of my project from designing interactions and building a prototype to a user-driven research approach to designing the prototype utilizing the Distributed Interaction Design (DXD) process that I developed in my Ph.D.. At the end of the summer, I was granted the opportunity to present my work and explain my research to ████, the SVP of

the organization at Apple.

dr. ax ali