Project: Dare Devil

The State of the World

Self-authentication through the use of a username and password combination is regularly needed to access online accounts such as emails, banking, or shopping. This process requires a user to memorize alphanumeric passwords, which can be stressful. People with visual impairments face added difficulties when entering alphanumeric passwords because of issues surrounding the use of screen readers while filling out log-in forms.

What I did

I developed an assertive tool to aid individuals with visual impairments in the process of accessing online accounts, such as emails, on desktop computers without the fear of shoulder surfers. I used Google Glass because its form factor allows for the ability to provide complete personal feedback obscured from onlookers such as audio played directly into the user’s ear via Google Glass’s earpiece. This solution uses the same wearable device to work with multiple computers, which creates an opportunity for a universal authentication method for multiple online accounts that can be used with multiple desktop computers.

The Team

This project was a solo effort.

What I delivered

I designed and developed a system made of a Chrome web browser extension, A Google Glass application, and a web server to handle the communication between the extension and the wearable app.

My Impact on the World

I published the work at the ASSETS conference* in 2015.

You can read the publication here.

Download PDF • 965KB

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