The Yvey Way

By Studio89

My design studio, Studio89, worked with Yvey to rediscover their brand identity.

Yvey came to us to redesign their entire brand identity.

To do so, we sat down with Yvey for a three-hour strategy workshop. We conducted the strategy workshop over Zoom with the help of Miro.

During our strategy workshop, we helped Yvey outline the vision for their business for the next 20 years.

We went through Simon Sinek's golden circle exercise to uncover Yvey's Why, How and What. This was a great way for us to uncover their brand values.

After a break, we continued our strategy session by focusing on Yvey's customers and audience. We discussed the brand's personality and mapped out the competitive landscape for Yvey and where their brand fits.

After the workshop, it was time to get academic. We dove into different design literature like peer-reviewed scientific articles, published design books to inform our design decisions. For example, we used M.M. Aslam's article "Are you selling the right colour? A cross-cultural review of colour as a marketing cue" published at the International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications to help us come up with a color palette for the brand.

We also used Sarah Hyndman's "Why Fonts Matter" book to match typeface choices with the brand's value.

After periodically checking-in with Yvey himself to make sure we are moving in the right direction, we shipped their brand new identity "The Yvey Way," which you can see here.

dr. ax ali