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We believe that everything is designed, and design is the intelligence behind creation. At Studio89 we empathize, anticipate, and do our best to represent and include everyone who uses or is affected by what we design. We consider identities, values, backgrounds, abilities, and preferences before we draw a single line.

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Distributed Interaction Design

Designing interactions for emerging technologies. Dr. Ali's Ph.D. dissertation focused creating methods for designing interactions with actual users anywhere in the world to understand how they will interact with new technologies (e.g., augmented reality) and ones that do not exist yet.

  • Book Dr. Ali for a talk about DXD

  • Book a full-day virtual DXD workshop

  • Book a full DXD workshop

Experience Design

An experience can be a service or a product. working with Studio89 to craft your next experience will include:

  • Map out current experiences (your services/ products)

  • Find a space for a new experience (service/ product)

  • Craft the new experience (Service blueprint/ product mockups)

  • Include metrics to measure experience success

Brand Strategy

We work with you to understand of what your brand stands for. Help you uncover your why and connect to your customers' why. We will:

  • Complete a branding workshop (~2 hours)

  • Deliver a brand book (physical hard cover coffee table type of book and digital PDF version)

  • The book includes:

  • Who and what the brand is

  • Color palette

  • How to use the logo (New logo design not included)

  • Typography (Custom type design not included)

  • Creative direction for photography and cinematography

Experience Mapping + Analysis

Studio89 will work with you to understand how your business operates.

  • We start by mapping the entire journey of a customer from discovery to a finished transaction.

  • Discover advantages/disadvantages for each step in the journey. Find pain points

  • Benchmark current experience (understand how are you currently doing)

  • Set up metrics to measure experience improvements

Marketing Campaign

We will work with your existing brand to craft a new marketing campaign. This includes:

  • Concept creation (think, got Milk?)

  • Creative direction for photography and cinematography

  • Templates to create social media posts

  • Social media strategy:

  • What copy to use/ messaging

  • Frequency oof posts, etc.

  • Color palette and how to use it

  • Rules. The dos and don’t of this marketing campaign.


dr. ax ali